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Dr. Derek Sanders Testimonial about Dental Care Cards

Dental Care Cards are the perfect finishing touch for any clinical procedure.  The Cards provide answers to common dental questions and serve as a sophisticated reference for future patient concerns.  Dental Care Cards are the perfect compliment to excellent clinical dentistry.
Derek Sanders, DMD, MBA

Dr. Rick Kariotoglou Testimonial about Dental Care Cards

WOW! Thank you for starting this concept. I Don't know how many times we forget to tell our patients about the sensitivity they may have after a procedure, or what to do or to avoid , etc.. We have given these cards out since the beginning of the week and the feedback is great. The front desk tells them that I don't want anything unanswered about their procedure and their post op care and hand them a Dental Care Card. They are so impressed. Our vision at the office is to provide the best for our patients with five star service. These care cares give that lasting impression about the care we strive for our patients. THANK YOU! Such and upgrade from the copy paper instructions we would print and give to our patients. Thanks again for a great product!
Rick Kariotoglou, DDS

“Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” (Finally, a solution to a common dental problem…).
Dr. Woody Oakes, Excellence in Dentistry

Dr. Woody Oakes Testimonial about Dental Care Cards

“We have already received our first order. These are first class cards! I think when someone spends a thousand bucks for a root canal or a crown they should at least get one of Justin’s card that explains the whole procedure.”
Howard Farran DDS, MBA, MAGD, DICOI, Founder and CEO of DentalTown.

Dr. Howard Farran Testimonial about Dental Care Cards

I saw these cards and they look great. They are easy to read and the pictures are high quality. I recommend these for all dental practices. Patients will know exactly what to do when having extensive treatment. You know how they never remember what you told them when they get home? This solves that problem.  
Sandy Pardue, Consultant/Lecturer

Sandy Pardue Testimonial about Dental Care Cards


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